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Our Pricing

The Craftsmen Group has been built on a foundation of referrals and repeat business. Our customers trust our honesty and integrity, and they have come to expect great quality. To sustain this level of trust, we strive for transparency and efficiency in our business practices, our billing, and our customer relationships.

We have been intentional in our decision to reject the traditional contractor pricing model, for small projects, in favor of a model we believe to be fair and serve the homeowners best interest. Historically, contractors inflate estimates to cover unanticipated circumstances to insure the profitability of a small project.

Instead of offering an inflated fixed price to our customers, we work on a time and materials basis. We provide a detailed budget before beginning a project, listing the anticipated hours and cost of material. Our budget is prepared conservatively. Because we try to estimate time on the long side, our conservative budget is often comparable on the bottom line to a traditional contractor fixed price. However, because our billing is based on actual time worked and the materials that we used, all efficiencies in a project come back to the homeowner. Our model returns to the customer what the traditional contractor would keep in added profits.

Should unexpected issues arise (which is not uncommon when working in older homes) the foreman will show you the situation and discuss your options with you. If the scope of work changes, we will create a change of budget document that outlines how we will move forward and what the anticipated costs are. We work hard to keep everyone in the loop, and to stick to the original or revised budget. We don't view our time-and-materials billing method as a blank check. If we are going to deviate significantly from the estimate, we will keep you informed and provide you with options. We do this because we are striving to establish long term relationships with homeowners and become a single point of contact for a wide range of home services. We believe that the best way to accomplish these goals is to provide true craftsmanship in the most professional manner, and to price our work fairly.

Because our business model is built on the time-and-materials approach, we must operate our company with greater transparency and less waste than our competitors. We have no way to ‘hide’ things in our bids or ‘bury’ our mistakes in an invoice. As a result, The Craftsmen Group is a lean organization that is not susceptible to the extravagance and waste of some builders. We do not have fleets of trucks, we do not bill for time we are not working, and we keep our expenses as low as possible.


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