Lightning Atkinson, Operations Manager
Lightning joined the Craftsmen Group in January of 2010 in the newly created role of operations manager. He grew up in suburban Philadelphia flipping houses with his dad and is familiar with the construction process and the special challenges of older homes. He brings to the team unique and varied experience from outside the construction industry. Prior to being hired at The Craftsmen Group, he spent 12 years in the professional audio industry. His resume includes gigs with Willie Nelson, Spin Doctors, Trout Fishing in America, and Busta Rhymes. He has written two books on audio engineering, built radio stations all over the country, and mixed live sound for thousands of concerts and special events. He also started and operated a catering company with his wife while they lived in Philadelphia.

As operations manager of The Craftsmen Group, Lightning oversees the day-to-day functioning of the business, implements new systems, and is involved in project management. He lives on the north side of Chicago with his wife and two sons (who share a common birthday). If you can't find him at work, on a job site, or at home, he's probably canoeing.